[Seaside] #call: #show: #home

William E Harford seaside at harford.org
Tue Oct 11 01:28:39 UTC 2005

I am not sure that #show: and #home a functioning as they should. 

I assume that #home should return you to the first component in a chain
of called components. So component 1, calls component 2, calls component
3, and executing `self home` from component 3 should return you to
component 1. Is that correct ?

#show appears to be behaving exactly like #call. I assumed that show
would replace the current component with the shown component but it
appears to   delegate. Turning on halos show this. 

Of course I could be misunderstanding their function (It's late I have
put in a long day). It could be that they are meant to be used from the
top of the delegation  chain (except I don't see how that could be
done ). So maybe I need some enlightenment.

Instead of calling and  delegating to another component (presumably to
wait for an answer) I would like to replace the current component with
the called one. I could do this by putting my main navigation element
outside of the called component but in this case it is not the most
fitting approach.


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