[Seaside] Seaside & Ruby Rails Compared

David Shaffer cdshaffer at acm.org
Tue Sep 6 21:10:46 CEST 2005

Chad Nantais wrote:

>I have been using Ruby on Rails and was wondering if Seaside can do
>some of the things RoR can do (without much development on my part). 
>If it can do these things easily, I would consider moving to Seaside
>because I like the Squeak environment and Smalltalk language.
>Can Seaside perform:
>1. Functional testing
Yes, SeasideTesing and the (soon to be released) Selenium driver for
Squeak make a pretty comprehensive testing suite.

>2. Unit testing
See above...division seems to be SeasideTesting for unit testing,
Squelenium for functional testing

>3. User authentication
Yep.  Basic HTTP authentication is trivial.

>4. MySQL connectivity

Don't know.  Probably.  I've used it with:
    - posgresql and
    - GOODS (object-oriented database)

I can't give you insight versus RoR but I can say Seaside has the most
extensible and reusable component model that I've found.  The
continuations are a bonus and altogether make writing web apps feel a
lot like writing GUI apps only easier :-)  Callbacks, nested components etc.

Welcome and come back with more questions!


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