[Seaside] [OT] Why use an image file ? (was Re: Seaside & Ruby Rails Compared)

seaside at fbeausoleil.ftml.net seaside at fbeausoleil.ftml.net
Wed Sep 7 14:49:48 CEST 2005

Hi !

radoslav hodnicak said the following on 2005-09-06 19:40:

 > Loading postgres client 0.9.2 into clean image and then glorp 0.3.138 
*should* work, I tested it.

You see, that's what I never liked about working with images.  Maybe I'm 
just old school, but if I have two or three projects going on in my 
image, should I just delete my work just to get some other part working ?

Please, I don't want to offend anyone !  I understand the concept behind 
the image, and I *really* want to like Smalltalk, but the image thing 
has stopped me every time.  What I probably need are references as to 
*why* it is considered better to use an image instead of plain old files.

Thanks !

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