[Seaside] Hybrid persistent idea. Was: Seaside & Ruby Rails Compared

marcelo Cortez jmdc_marcelo at yahoo.com.ar
Wed Sep 7 16:15:44 CEST 2005

Hi folks , Dimitry

 if a'im not wrong is posible to make indexes  with
Omnibase , check the Omnibase wiki site for this.


 --- Dmitry Dorofeev <dima-sender-3c337a at yasp.com>

> David Shaffer wrote:
> > Günther Schmidt wrote:
> > 
> > 
> >>Göran,
> >>
> >>Sort of, persistence is a fundamental problem for
> any type of
> >>programming one does.
> >>
> >>So a while back I checked all sorts of propagated
> *solutions* and
> >>found none of them to be *ideal*.
> > 
> It is very interesting to read *any* information
> about persistent solutions
> for Squeak/Smalltalk.
> I recently did my first Seaside/OmniBase project
> (after 7 years of Perl/MySQL)
> and found it very easy to start with and make
> changes later. Access to persistent
> objects by navigation is excellent in some cases and
> really sucks in others.
> The typical problem (for me only?) is search by
> options.
> Common example is list of car sale adverts.
> Search by model, year, price, location etc. Up to 20
> options.
> Dealing with 20 indexes in OODBMS manually is quite
> boring, at least in OmniBase. Doing
> searches manually combining OR/AND/NOT logic with 20
> indexes is also boring, but
> probably with good API it is the same as SQL, or can
> be similar in some way.
> And i recall my expirience with MySQL where
> reachability by navigation was pain in the ...
> for complex DB (assuming slow JOIN implementation),
> but very pleasant search against a table
> of records. So i think that it is a good idea to
> store my data as objects in say OmniBase
> and have plain tables consisting of only necessery
> fields in say PostgreSQL. So PostgreSQL or MySQL
> will take care about indexes and searches returning
> me ObjectIDs, so i can fetch real objects from
> OmniBase. Still some extra work here, but i feel
> quite comfortable with the idea.
> What the list guru thinks about it ?
> -Dmitry.
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