[Seaside] 2 FAQ suggestions to be included

Dmitry Dorofeev dima-sender-3c337a at yasp.com
Thu Sep 8 11:22:33 CEST 2005

Hi All.

Q. How to speed up file uploads ?
A. Use FastSocketStream available on SqueakMap. Once installed in your image,
change HttpAdaptor class >> # readAndWriteToSocket:service: to read as

readAndWriteToSocket: aSocket service: httpService

			((FastSocketStream on: aSocket)
				timeout: self dataTimeout;
				autoFlush: false;
		service: httpService

Q. How to use Apache as frontend to Seaside (and serve static images with Apache)
A. You may use a mod_proxy. Make sure that
	1. mod_proxy is included into your apache installation
for apache 1.3.x check lines in apache config similar to:
LoadModule proxy_module       libexec/libproxy.so
AddModule mod_proxy.c

	2. in your seaside app config (http://localhost:9999/seaside/config 
	and click configure link against your app) 
	'Server Hostname' is empty and 'Server Port' is 80.(i.e. defaults)

Sample Apache config assuming you have Seaside running on localhost:9999
and your app is on http://localhost:9999/seaside/test

<VirtualHost X.Y.Z.A:80>
ServerName www.test.com

#Static files are placed here and /home/seaside/static/test.gif is
# available via http://seaside.test.com/test.gif
DocumentRoot /home/seaside/static
   <Directory /home/seaside/static>
     Options Indexes

UseCanonicalName off
NoCache *
ProxyRequests On
# http://www.test.com/seaside/test is our app now!!!
ProxyPass    /seaside/test     http://localhost:9999/seaside/test

# This should work too
# ProxyPass    /app     http://localhost:9999/seaside/test

Feel free to amend it with more details


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