[Seaside] live callbacks in same session and general ajax enhancements

Ramon Leon rleon at insario.com
Sun Sep 11 02:14:37 CEST 2005

Avi, I was wondering what the status was concerning this post


I'd really like to see some of the suggested async enhancements get included in the main release so that we can make more use of the ajax style.  At the very least getting the callbacks using the same session to prevent the main session from timing out.  I also ran into a problem when I tried having nested live callbacks where a large portion of the page would refresh say every 20 seconds, but within it several pieces would update every 3 seconds or so.  The outer live callback was necessary because new children could be added or removed.  There's also the issue of a component not rendering on the initial render of the page, when using larger interval timed callbacks like every 30 seconds, you have to wait for the first callback for the component to even render, is this by design?
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