[Seaside] Installing Seaside in Squeak 3.8

Rick Zaccone zaccone at bucknell.edu
Mon Sep 19 21:12:05 CEST 2005

I finally decided to give Seaside a try.  The tutorials seem to assume
that I'm using Squeak 3.7, but I'm using 3.8.  I followed the
installation instructions anyway.

I began by installing the following items (as per the instructions).

1. DynamicBindings (1.2): I get the following warnings:

   The package has no published release for your Squeak version.  Try
   releases for any Squeak version?  (I answer yes.)

   The package you are about to install is not listed as being
   compatible with your image version (Squeak 3.8), so the package may
   not work properly.  Do you still want to proceed with the install?
   (I answer yes.)

2. KomServices (1.1.1):  I get the same warnings and give the same
   responses as in step 1.

3. KomHttpServer (7.0.2):  I get the same warnings as in step 1 and
   supply the same answers.  Then it asks

   Load older dependency KomServices-gk.1?

   If I answer "yes", I get a message that says

   Can't find dependency KomServices-gk.1.  Ignore?

   I guess the right answer must be yes, so that's what I choose.

4. Seaside (2.5):

   Error occurred during install: can't find EOCD position.  Would you
   like to open a debugger?

At this point I give up.  How do I get Seaside working with Squeak

Rick Zaccone

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