[Seaside] Installing Seaside in Squeak 3.8

Rick Zaccone zaccone at bucknell.edu
Tue Sep 20 16:30:56 CEST 2005

>Rick Zaccone wrote:
>>4. Seaside (2.5):
>>   Error occurred during install: can't find EOCD position.  Would you
>>   like to open a debugger?
>Normally this means a corrupt mcz file (it's a zip file).  You should
>find the file SqueakMap downloaded (in one of the subdirs of your sm
>directory) and try to unzip it on the command line or with Squeak's
>ZipTool.  If you get an error than means something corrupted the
>file.  Try deleting the file and then asking SqueakMap to load it
>The compatibility dialogs that you described are typical and your
>reponses are fine (although you can just say "no" to loading the
>older version of KomServices).

Thanks.  It's working now.

It wasn't sufficient to just remove the Seaside file or even the
entire sm subdirectory.  In the end, I removed the sm subdirectory and
restarted Squeak in order to get in working.

All of these false warning messages and difficulty recovering from a
bad download are not very inviting to a new user.


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