[Seaside][ShoreComponents] DatePicker discussion (Date compatibility with VW)

Michel Bany m.bany at wanadoo.fr
Mon Sep 26 07:37:27 CEST 2005

Avi Bryant a écrit :

>> 1) The Shore date picker is based upon the Squeak version of the Date
>> class. The VisualWorks version of the Date is somewhat incompatible
>> and I had to convert the VisualWork Date objects to Squeak.Date  objects
>> (for those who do not know, the VisualWorks version of Seaside  includes
>> a port of the Squeak chronology subsystem in a different namespace).
> In which ways are the Date objects incompatible?  Rather than  
> maintaining Squeak.Date, can we come up with a common protocol that  
> can easily be implemented with a few extensions on either side, so  
> that at least basic date code is interoperable between Squeak and VW?

The instance creation method used by the Date Picker #newDay:month:year:
In Squeak the second argument is expected to be an integer in [1..12].
In VisualWorks, a string is expected. e.g. 'september'.

Also, the Date Picker uses the Month and Week classes, methods #weeksDo: 
and #datesDo:
which have no equivalent yet in VisualWorks.

I gave up implementing these things in VisualWorks and decided to port 
the Squeak Chronology
because I did not feel confident that I would not introduce regressions.

Also, would it be reasonable to ask the ShoreComponents squeakers to 
rewrite their stuff with
VisualWorks porting in mind ?


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