[Seaside] WAComponent - Render an external page?

Mart-Mari Breedt breedt_m at aircom.co.za
Mon Apr 3 09:32:19 UTC 2006


Is there a way to get a WAComponent to display an external web page? 

I am talking about something similar to the frame/framesets/target type
of behaviour. I.e I have a menu on my left-hand side with some links in
it and a blank WAComponent on my right. Most of the time clicking on any
of the menu links causes the right-hand side to call a particular
component. This component then gets rendered on the right with my menu
still visible on the left. Now - Say I would like a link to Google om my
menu, how to I get Google to open in the right-hand component with my
menu still visible on the left? The pop-up anchor causes a new window to
be opened and the normal anchor with url replaces my entire window
contents with the webpage referenced by the url.



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