[Seaside] I: help on how to have call: using parent area on the browser

Giorgio Ferraris giorgioferraris at elevensoft.it
Wed Apr 5 23:20:52 UTC 2006


thanks to all for the answers. It’s OK.

It was so easy
 the problem is, after long time programming the WEB the
standard way, using Seaside I’ts easy to look for a difficult solution when
an easy one is there to pick (
 if you see it).


Sorry for not answering before, but it seems that the mailing list is not
delivering the messages yet, I had to look on the archive to discover your




Giorgio Ferraris



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Oggetto: help on how to have call: using parent area on the browser



I’m just starting to use seaside, and I have problems finding information
for doing a simple thing: I have a component called on the rendering phase.
If I have a callback calling another component, this one will replace the
caller, using the same area on the browser. 

I would like to have it to use the area of the parent of the caller. There
is a way of doing this?.

The usage is simple: I have a Customer page with a Address component inside.
The Address has a button  opening a list of country to choose from (another
). I would like to use all of the area used by customer for
showing countries, and then goin back to the customer view. 

The standard behavior is that the list will be displayed inside the area
used by the address component, and I don’t whant this.


This is just an example, I know I can use a combo for listing countries.

Soemone can help?


Thanks a lot


Giorgio ferraris


Using 2.6
 with canvas API

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