[Seaside] popup questions: used it and if yes, how to?

Giorgio Ferraris giorgioferraris at elevensoft.it
Sat Apr 8 10:42:43 UTC 2006

Hi all,

Afetr one week of seaside usage, and getting results really encouraging, I
have some question about popup.
For what I can see of the documentation I foud on the net, it seems that on
seaside you don't use popup window. Is this my wrong understanding or is
this true? And if it's true, can you explain me why? Religion or there is no
need of popup?  I'm trying to adapt to general usage, if possible.

I have right now some question related to popup. 

-Popup date chooser: I like a popup date choser more that the way done using
the widgets in seaside. Someone else use popup date chooser? There is a
suggested way for integratimg popup on seaside, and there is some code
available, or I should not use it, and then, wich way you present a chooser?

-I like to use popup for allowing user select thing (for example, I'm
editing an order, I should enter the customer, so I display a popup with a
query form for customer data, then I show a list of customer satisfying the
query and then I give back the result to my calling form) Is this something
you do, or you do the same thing just using call:? (a more flat feel..)

-The second question start another question: there is a way in seaside to
read some query parameter? I found info about REST urls, but I haven't found
the way to reading back the query parameter. I'm working on VisualWorks, at
the moment, and there I can use some internal feature of the web frameworks,
but this will not be portable to squeak. Why I need this? Becouse in my
question number 2, I want to use a seaside application inside my popup, but
I need to configure the application (a general query and list chooser) to
know wich class query for, and query parameter are the only things I suppose
I can use.

Thanks for any answer (hope my english his understandable...)

Giorgio Ferraris

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