[Seaside] OnniBase BTree question

Dmitry Dorofeev dima-sender-3c337a at yasp.com
Tue Apr 18 08:29:32 UTC 2006

Hi all,

I am using BTree to store session qookies with OmniBase.
The code is like this:

	t := self transaction. "returns current OmniBase transaction"
	tree := t root at: 'sessions'.
	b := BMShopBasket new.
	t makePersistent: b.
	t lock: tree.
	tree at: v put: b.
	t markDirty: tree.
	t checkpoint.
	t unlock: tree.

I feel it is not very efficient and may be even incorrect way to use BTree.
Should I use OmniBase standard BTree implementations ? How can I avoid locking the entire tree ?


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