[Seaside] small seaside image

Germán Arduino garduino at gmail.com
Tue Apr 25 20:34:43 UTC 2006

Well, it's an sort of "artwork" to revise all things and trying the
removal and its consequences (the "try" method).

By example, the removal of Ballon with some code as this:

SystemOrganization categories do: [:cat | (cat beginsWith: 'Balloon')
ifTrue: [SystemOrganization
removeSystemCategory: cat]].

let my 3.8 images looped (I've not investigated so much why).

Also, from SM is possible to use several "removal" packages.

I think that the level of shrink depend of the needs in each case.
MIne is were around 15-16 MB with all dev tools working and not
spending so much time trying to shrink a few bytes more.

But the image of Avi is better, only 8MB, don't know if this size is
possible to achieve with 3.8.


2006/4/25, Ramon Leon <rleon at insario.com>:
> > I don't get such small images as Avi, but I'm attaching the
> > procedure I use to shrink 3.8 image.
> >
> > Take in account that is "quick and dirty" and I don't use lockdown.
> >
> > HTH.
> > gsa.
> >
> > 2006/4/25, Ramon Leon <rleon at insario.com>:
> > > I'd ask on that same thread, if you could do this with a
> > 3.8 image, or
> > > better yet, publish the process by which you stripped the image?
> I appreciate it, it's a start at least.
> Let me ask this (Anyone), assuming I want to shrink my image, because I
> only care about doing seaside development, i.e. not just shrinking for
> deployment, but just removing stuff that I don't ever need, what would
> you change with this script.  Example, I don't think I want to
> removeSources, ever.  What about all those Balloon categories, or
> Nebraska, is that stuff necessary?  I don't want to cripple my
> environment in any way, I just don't need anything but development, and
> seaside stuff, no sound, no mp3 players, etc.
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