[Seaside] Scriptalicious

Lukas Renggli renggli at gmail.com
Thu Aug 3 20:46:29 UTC 2006

> No no, I made up the render as an example of what I wanted to do, rather
> than call update: with a string, I want a rendering context so I can render
> a bunch of child elements into the element I'm updating.  I don't know how
> to do it, just wondering if that's possible somehow?  Your multiple update
> sample worked, it was just too simple for what I needed.

Aha, I see. You might want to try something like this, not very simple
but it should at least do what you need:

script add: (script element
    id: 'id2';
    update: (String streamContents: [ :s |
             render: [:r |
                 self allPrices do:[:each |
                   r text: each.
                   r anchor callback:[self bookRate: each] ]
              on: s)

The method used #render:on: is an ugly utility function defined in
SUObject returning the rendered string.


Lukas Renggli

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