[Seaside] SeasideWebDesignerTool broken when loaded with latest Seaside version?

Rick Flower rickf at ca-flower.com
Sun Aug 6 15:54:12 UTC 2006

Michel Bany wrote:

> Glad to hear that someone else than us is using this tool.
> The packages for this tool are not yet polished and the prereqs are 
> assuming that
> Seaside is loaded into the image from parcels. Therefore, in the 
> situation you are
> describing, loading the tool causes VW to reload a different version of 
> Seaside
> from the parcels located in the contributed folder. This clearly creates 
> a mess.
> I corrected the prereqs and published SeasideImage(1.2,mbany).
> Everything should work fine again next time you try.
> Another remark : package SeasideWebDesignerTool has package SeasideImage
> as a prereq. These two packages are combined as bundle SeasideImageTools.
> I recommend that you load the bundle rather than the package.

Thanks Michel.. That seems to have fixed my problem.. I've updated my 
reload instructions accordingly so I won't do that again in the future
if I need to rebuild an image from scratch again.. Thanks!

-- Rick

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