[Seaside] Usage of WAIframeTag

Martin J. Laubach mjl at laubach.at
Tue Aug 8 20:02:13 UTC 2006

  After rummaging through the docs and google, I give up and
yell for help: How does one actually use the WAIframeTag?

  I want to have something like this:

	content := #[ "ByteArray that really is a PDF" ].
	html iframe contents: content.

   however, that gives me a HTML page with the content as string
representation -- not quite what I had in mind. So, how does one

   * correctly use the canvas iframe to serve out some random
     byte stream?
   * set the Content-Type for that stream
   * (would be nice) generate an URL that will be cached by the
     browser. Is this even possible?



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