[Seaside] html break in WAToolFrame?

Michel Bany michel.bany at gmail.com
Wed Aug 9 20:58:07 UTC 2006

On 09 Aug 2006, at 20:10 , Boris Popov wrote:

> Is "html break" in WAToolFrame>>renderContentOn: really that  
> nessecary? I
> notice the comment stating "Compensate for Mozilla: bottom of  
> contents hiden
> by toolbar", but removing it doesn't seem to make any difference  
> for better
> or worse. The reason I'm asking, is that having break there goes  
> against
> XHTML Strict and it would be nice to not have to turn off  
> development tools
> when checking pages for compliance.

Hi Boris,

This change was from me, and it is indeed necessary if you do not want
the toolbar at the bottom to hide contents. This only happens with  
You will be able to notice the effect with the following.
1. Remove the "html break"
2. Use Mozilla
3. Open the Seaside config page
4. Scroll to the very bottom of the page
See a picture at ftp://ftp.bany.fr/Moz.jpg

Instead of "html break", would "html div: [html space]" be XHTML  
Strict enough ?
Can you try and check it ?


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