[Seaside] Default classes for form input tags?

stephane ducasse stephane.ducasse at free.fr
Thu Aug 10 17:48:22 UTC 2006

On 9 août 06, at 22:39, Boris Popov wrote:

> Good point, thanks. I walked into this as I was integrating a new  
> round of
> changes from our designer and had a bit of a head-scratcher when  
> things were
> out of whack. I guess I'll just ask him not to use any of the types as
> selectors: text, submit, radio, password, image, hidden, file,  
> checkbox,
> button.
> Speaking of silly things like that, any chance we could get an FAQ  
> (or just
> Q&A) page over at seaside.st? If yes, I don't mind updating it with  
> stuff as
> I stumble upon the more interesting bits hoping to attract others  
> to join
> in. There are a few Seaside FAQ's out there, but they seem to be  
> maintained
> separately and honestly some of them are just a tad obsolete.

Indeed we need a FAQ!!!!
As a community we should learn to record knowledge other than in email.

May be we could use a wiki part of the seaside.st wiki :)


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