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No, I don't think it has been distorted.  Just "fleshed out" a bit. :)
Your observation about it being basically a different app is certainly

My comments come from looking into building a web site and going through
many of the tools.  Some systems out there are very good recieving a
client request and dispatching it to the appropriate place based on
various rules (e.g.  Is this a mozilla client, is it an IE client with a
set of bugs we have to adjust for, is it a mobile device).  Of course
the rest of the technologies with these systems were not so good.  But
I'm all for lifting the good ideas from other products and integrating
them into the right solution, and this seemed like low hanging fruit for

But if it doesn't need it then it doesn't need it.  If the over all
consensus is that this is just one of those theoretical needs that never
actually comes up in practice then I will forget about it and move on.

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Typically though you would be rendering not just a different look, but a
very different workflow altogether given the harsh limitations of a
screen. We've looked at our future plans as far as our web portal goes
it was pretty clear the "mobile" version is really a different
running off the same backend, so in all likelihood we'd just forward the
mobile clients over to a different URL.

Just my $0.02,

But I also think the nature of your original question/concern has been
distorted a bit, could you clarify what it is we're all talking about



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Well, that is certainly a good point and you have more experience doing
web sites then I do I'm sure.  But if you are 100% right and all mobiles
will use straight HTML, we still have the situation that those devices
have to get a different view of the same page.  In other words, the
final HTML, etc. a client gets depends on what type of client they are.

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On Aug 10, 2006, at 7:24 AM, Jason Johnson wrote:
> But I really believe that at some point WML devices are going to start
> gaining ground.  They wont eliminate the browser or anything, but  
> get to
> the point that saying your websites support phones on delivery will
> decide if you get the contract or not.

How many WML-only phones are out there anymore?  Most of the devices  
that I see people use support HTML (and in fact my phone, the  
Sidekick II, doesn't even bother with WML support).  I think the idea  
of a parallel web just for mobile devices was always a non-starter.   
The best way to support mobile devices, IMO, is to provide a no- 
frills, no-ajax version of your site with very simple markup, few  
images, etc.  WML is a waste of time.

It's possible I'm coming from a biased perspective, though - this is  
the kind of thing that can be very regional.  Anyone out there seeing  
heavy WML use?

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