[Seaside] Using one component to render multiple views?

Rick Flower rickf at ca-flower.com
Fri Aug 11 15:50:05 UTC 2006

Cédrick Béler wrote:
> Hi
> I'm not sure but maybe you could use magritte for that...
> If you have descriptions on your model's classes, you can automaticly 
> build components that will be rendered by seaside with the command:

Thanks Cedrick.. I might do that if I decide to use Magritte in the 
future.  For now, I was able to get Keiths suggestion going and it works 
great.  In my case, I've got a unique base class that all of my 
components inherit from (my base consequently inherits from WAComponent 
if I recall).. Anyway, for these multi-view components, all I had to do
was to remove my standard #renderContentOn: method and swap out who the 
parent class was and a few other odds-n-ends and all worked pretty well. 
  All I really need to do is to fill in the meat of the forms et-al and 
I'm good to go!


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