[Seaside] Entire html stream in span after html updater

Mart-Mari Breedt breedt_m at aircom.co.za
Tue Aug 15 05:22:23 UTC 2006

Hi Lukas,

Thank you for your response. The problem seems less bizarre now :-).

About your proposed solutions, it seems to me that the second proposed
solution would probadly be best since it eliminates the need to always
check for submit buttons on forms that use script.aculo.us. But maybe I
am just ignorant about your first proposed solution, how would one go
about implementing it?

Kind regards,


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Hi Mart-Mari,

> Please find a small example attached. In UpdaterTest1 you can select
> between Characters and Integers and when you add any of these two, it
> adds it to the list. In UpdaterTest2 (that inherits from UpdaterTest1)
> just added a submit button. When selecting characters or integers to
> to the list in the second version, the entire html content is

the problem with the attached code is that the JavaScript part of
script.aculo.us is triggering the button callback. This causes Seaside
to abort further callback processing and restart the rendering loop
with a full page render.

Now what can we do about this?

Choose one of these options:

- Instead of triggering the whole form you could just trigger the form
elements you require, in your case the changed select box.

- Change the JavaScript of script.aculo.us not to trigger submit

- Change the way Seaside processes action-callbacks, this means to
ignore all action callbacks with script.aculo.us requests. This is
quite a deep change to Seaside, so maybe we should rethink that.


Lukas Renggli
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