[Seaside] Goods

Dirk Vleugels dvl at 2scale.net
Wed Aug 16 16:14:40 UTC 2006


sorry if this is OT.

i installed Goods (80) from SqueakMap. The SUnit tests failed in below method:

KKDefaultConnection >> defaultLogin
	^ 'squeak', (Time millisecondClockValue hex allButFirst: 3)

i added asFloat (float respondsTo: hex), but now im unsure if i missed
some dependency package (which might change SmallInteger?). I'm
running a 3.9b-7052 image.

After the change all tests pass.

Different question: anyone using GOODS in production? How does it
compare to Magma? If i read the documentation correctly it should be
possible work with classes/objects stored in goods with either c++,
smalltalk, java, etc.?


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