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Jason Johnson jbjohns at
Wed Aug 16 17:56:43 UTC 2006

But since the web server is also a smalltalk object, he would have this
information, right?  Seems terribly inefficient to have to generate
javascript to find out the browser when the smalltalk system already
knows what it is talking to.

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Ramon Leon wrote:
> Hi, wondering if anyone knows how to get at browser info from within 
> Seaside?  In .Net the web server captures a bunch of information in 
> Server.ServerVariables dictionary, most of that stuff I can find in 
> HttpRequest, I can find the referrer, user-agent, and host, but I need

> the screen resolution.  I need to deliver a different css stylesheet 
> depending on the users screen resolution and can't seem to find
> that'll work.

I don't think navigators return this by default. You might want to ask 
using javascript... just a clue, sorry
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