AW: [Seaside] Browser Information

Rick Flower rickf at
Wed Aug 16 18:03:57 UTC 2006

Jason Johnson wrote:
> But since the web server is also a smalltalk object, he would have this
> information, right?  Seems terribly inefficient to have to generate
> javascript to find out the browser when the smalltalk system already
> knows what it is talking to.

I agree.. I'd be willing to bet this is down in the bowels somewhere -- 
its probably just an issue of finding it and (if needed) adding a method 
to make it available to the caller.  Perhaps Michel might know?  I'd 
personally hope that all of that sort of information is available 
besides the more obvious items -- surely someone will eventually be 
interested in reviewing that information for some reason or another..

Just my $2 worth.. (which ain't much these days!)

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