[Seaside] [Newbie] Confused about #registerAsApplication

Ramon Leon ramon.leon at allresnet.com
Fri Aug 18 20:22:41 UTC 2006

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> Hi,
> I have been reading that a new app which is subclassed from 
> WAComponent should be registered like MyComponent 
> registerAsApplication: 'foo'.
> However when I see the examples like the Store or the 
> Scriptaculous SUAllTests apps I don't see this in their 
> initialize methods(or anywhere else in their components). Is 
> this automatically done for every subclass of WAComponent so 
> it shows up in seaside/config?
> Thanks for your help,

No, registerAsApplication creates an entry in config, however, you can also
do it manually from config for any component that returns true from
canBeRoot on the class side.  So, registerAsApplication is not required,
it's a convenience method for automatically setting up a site when code is
loaded into the image.

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