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> Thanks for your help - of course it worked perfectly.
> There a few bits that I still do not understand.
> 1. Where does  the "arguments[0]"  - come from?  who fills in 
> the array "arguments"?
> 2. I see in your example code that you have a line of debugging code:
> 'console.log("change", arguments)'.  Does this result in the 
> information being written tothe Javascript console?  This 
> would be so useful but in my environment it complains about 
> "console".  How do I get this to work?
> I can continue my work witout the answers to these questions 
> but it would be nice to know how this works.
> Again, many thanks,
> Frank

arguments is an array available within any JavaScript function, it's part of
JavaScript's meta model, and allows you to access args as a list, useful
when passing in an unknown number of arguments to a function, somewhat like
a param array in Csharp.

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