[Seaside] Join forces

Ramon Leon ramon.leon at allresnet.com
Tue Aug 29 21:53:26 UTC 2006

> Some examples where this increases the reusability:
> - it enables to use embedded forms. That means that if you 
> design components, you can use form tag everywhere where you 
> need (with some little limitations) and you don't have to 
> think about relationship to next components
> - you can very simply specify where for example where the 
> standard dialogs (inform:..) will be placed and this 
> information is not directly assigned to the component. It is 
> specified independently in the components hierarchy.
> - you have simple access to some important hierarchy elements 
> (root, header etc.)
> I don't tell that the parent reference is the only solution 
> but it seems the most powerful and clean to me (now). I'm 
> ready do redesign my components but I have to see that it 
> will be the step forward.

Have you considered forgetting about forms.  Components don't need to know
what form they're in for them to work.  When I throw a page together, I want
components, I'll put the form around them myself.  

By tying the form to the component, you're forcing them to need to know
about parents rather than letting the developer worry about this.  Without
the form stuff, ShoreComponents could just be ordinary Seaside components,
could they not?

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