[Seaside] Join forces

Lukas Renggli renggli at gmail.com
Tue Aug 29 22:39:00 UTC 2006

> > > I like #descriptor, but again it is used by OmniBrowser.
> >
> > My first thought, when I read that was, "it is?"
> >
> > So I went and looked, and sure enough, OBColumn implements
> > #descriptor. But it's hardly an important selector. It's just
> > there to factor some conditionals out of #printOn:, no big
> > deal. I'll change it if that makes your life easier with Magritte.

No problem, I was just checking the implementors of the suggested
selectors. I didn't look at the details though ;-)

> Besides, is Magritte likely to collide with OBColumn?  If not, who cares,
> use #descriptor in Magritte, it's a much better choice than #description,
> and even implies an object rather than a string, it's perfect.

They might collide, yes. Probably not in OBColum, but if it was used in OBNode.

OmniBrowser is an excellent tool to browse described models and their


Lukas Renggli

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