[Seaside] Join forces

Pavel Krivanek squeak3 at continentalbrno.cz
Wed Aug 30 06:06:16 UTC 2006

On 8/29/06, Ramon Leon <ramon.leon at allresnet.com> wrote:
> > Some examples where this increases the reusability:
> > - it enables to use embedded forms. That means that if you
> > design components, you can use form tag everywhere where you
> > need (with some little limitations) and you don't have to
> > think about relationship to next components
> > - you can very simply specify where for example where the
> > standard dialogs (inform:..) will be placed and this
> > information is not directly assigned to the component. It is
> > specified independently in the components hierarchy.
> > - you have simple access to some important hierarchy elements
> > (root, header etc.)
> >
> > I don't tell that the parent reference is the only solution
> > but it seems the most powerful and clean to me (now). I'm
> > ready do redesign my components but I have to see that it
> > will be the step forward.
> Have you considered forgetting about forms.  Components don't need to know
> what form they're in for them to work.  When I throw a page together, I want
> components, I'll put the form around them myself.
> By tying the form to the component, you're forcing them to need to know
> about parents rather than letting the developer worry about this.  Without
> the form stuff, ShoreComponents could just be ordinary Seaside components,
> could they not?

It may be problem for some components like RichEdit but I will try to
do the ShoreComponents refactoring during next days to solve it

-- Pavel

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