[Seaside] Digg us

Brad Fuller brad at sonaural.com
Wed Aug 30 17:14:17 UTC 2006

Warren Henning wrote:
> Sure, I'll help out, albeit with the minor complaint that I don't like
> Digg: its design, its userbase ("NO DIGG!!!11"), and most of all its
> unethical administration policies; I'm thinking of the drama with that
> guy submitting the recursive story. Unlike other community-based news
> sites, it simply is not the case that the contents of the front page
> is determined by the collective behavior of the users, while it
> disingenuously and repeatedly makes every claim - explicit and
> implicit - to the contrary. Bah. End rant.
I most agree.
But, people read it, so it's a way to let more people know about
DabbleDB, Seaside and Squeak.
If you digg it, make sure you comment on how great these 3 are!


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