[Seaside] Magma on seasidehosting

Pablo Iaria iariap at gmail.com
Thu Aug 31 16:51:41 UTC 2006


I'm back on this topic.

I asked Chris about this and he told me this:

"Hi Pablo, sorry for the delayed response.

>From looking at the stack trace, it appears the problem is caused
either by locked files or bugs or inconsistencies in UnixFileDirectory.
 Let me explain.

In MaObjectFiler>>#open, Magma asks the UnixFileDirectory

  directory exists and: [ directory fileExists: self class
objectsFilename ]

and the system reported true for this, otherwise it would have stopped
you right there with a MagmaEnvironmentError.

Under this assumption, Magma then proceeds to open the object file.
FileDirectory>>#fileNamed: is used to create the FileStream which is
required by Magma.  Unfortunately if some problem occurs,
FileDirectory>>#fileNamed: doesn't signal a meaningful error, it only
answers nil.  Since we just checked fileExists: its not because it
doesn't exist so is it possible the files are "locked" by another
process or something?  Did they get closed after the upload?

Otherwise, there may be some bad inconsistency with
UnixFileDirectory>>#fileExists: and UnixFileDirectory>>#fileNamed:.

I'm no Unix expert, anyone else have any ideas?
- Chris

This seems to be an issue with the VM that I can't figure out how to solve.

Does anybody else have another clue?


On 8/23/06, Keith Hodges <keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
> Dear Pablo,
> I had the same problem, though I havent got it working myself yet I did
> submit some fixes which I believe have been incorporated into the latest
> magma.
> My fixes allow you to specify a local relative directory name for your
> repository
> . This is because if you use an absolute path on your development
> machine it will be
> the wrong one on seaside hosting.
> So you might try putting your repository in a directory on
> seasidehosting and refering to it by directory name.
> Keith
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