[Seaside] question about avi quote

Dustin Lee qhfgva at gmail.com
Thu Aug 31 19:20:23 UTC 2006

I saw Avi speak at OSCON and have been working on a test migration of a
python/quixote/sqlobject application as I find time.  I'm very excited about
seaside so far.

During his talk he gave a quote that I can't remember who it was by or in
what context but I thought someone on this list might know.

The quote was something to the effect:  "The history of programming has been
from global state to local state" (or something like that).  I believe he
mentioned this when talking about how the use of codeblocks and other
seaside-isms make it so you don't even need to give names to many things.

If this quote rings a bell for any one I'd be interested to learn more about
the concept/context.

Dustin Lee
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