[Seaside] Linux Seaside server problem

John M McIntosh johnmci at smalltalkconsulting.com
Sat Dec 2 23:44:11 UTC 2006

Ok, this is silly, I think over Christmas here I'm going to rework  
the unix socket code because of course it's used in
the mac-osx carbon code too and I can't take the flaky behaviour  
anymore. However what I need is someone who
will compile code on their machine, I'll note they should have build  
their own VM for testing/production purposes so I don't have
to figure out how to make that all work, and they need to have a test  
case or test environment where they can show a hung VM or bad socket  

Anyone who can meet these criteria please step forward and email me  
so I can start some testing and diagnostics.

Please note I've already a test case where if I talk to the  
sophieproject MC server over dialup it's impossible to check things in
because it hangs at a certain point at the client wanting to read the  
list of MC file names from the server.

On 1-Dec-06, at 12:33 PM, Adrian Schmitt wrote:

> So this means seaside/squeak can not be considered stable for a
> production environment on linux machines?
> What about seaside/visualworks?
> Dabbledb ist running on a centos server (which is binary compatible to
> red hat Linux enterprise)
> What should I do if I plan a seaside application to go live?
> Adrian

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