[Seaside] random bug with textInput

Yann Monclair yann at monclair.info
Tue Dec 5 16:15:58 UTC 2006

Hi everyone,

I am working on my web iCalendar for the SummerTalk. a Demo is  
running at http://icalendar.seasidehosting.st/seaside/icalendar
I am experiencing a random bug with the editor (when you click on an  
event or a calendar you can edit it).
The code seems to work, since it sometimes works and sometimes  
doesn't. The bug only occurs with the textInput forms for me.

Here is how it is built :

The editor holds different forms, one for each editable field (text  
or selection). I submit all forms when the user hits the save button.
To do that I added this method:

SUAjax>>triggerForms: aCollection
aCollection do: [ :elt | self triggerForm: elt]

the collection holds all the ids of the forms. it is called like this :

ICWebEditor>>renderSaveButtonOn: html
"formIDs is an instance variable holding a collection of all the ids  
used in this editor"

html form id: html nextId;
	with: [html submitButton callback: [self save];
			onClick: (html update id: html nextId;
					 triggerForms: formIDs;
					 callback: [:r|r]);
			 text: 'save'

IIRC this used to work fine a few weeks back. Was there some change  
in Seaside or Scriptaculous that could have broken this ?



PS: you can load the code from Squeak Source : http:// 
	You need to load first LogIn then SummerTime
	You'll need to have a working seaside install with seaside 2.7  
	You'll need iCal http://www.squeaksource.com/ical.html

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