[Seaside] Apache, Squeak and load balancing

Vincent Girard-Reydet vincent.girard-reydet at f4-group.com
Wed Dec 6 13:09:22 UTC 2006


Can anyone provide feedback on using apache to proxy squeak servers ? 
I'de like to use 3 servers to respond round-robin to www.mydomain.com 
(for fail-over and load balancing), but I have configuration problems I 
can't solve.

My config is as follows :
- 3 servers running seaside on port 8080, named a.mydomain.com, 
b.mydomain.com, c.mydomain.com
- server port, server hostname NOT configured in seaside
- a DNS pointing to www.mydomain.com to a, b and c roundrobin
- on each server, Apache set as proxy to forward all requests to 
www.mydomain.com/ to localhost:8080/seaside/myapp/. The virtual host 
specifies ServerName = www.mydomain.com on each server.

I experience several redirection problems with seaside (my navigator 
tells the server are redirecting in a wrong way).
I experience these problems only when requesting a page on 
www.mydomain.com. When I directly address a.mydomain.com/, I am 
correctly forwarded to localhost:8080/seaside/myapp/.

Any help welcomed !

Vincent Girard-Reydet

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