[Seaside] Adding domain to a cookie

Ramon Leon ramon.leon at allresnet.com
Wed Dec 6 18:23:15 UTC 2006

> I just want to echo what Philippe said. The cookie's domain 
> will be set by what host name you typed into the browser to 
> access the machine. So, for example, when I'm testing web 
> apps at my office, they show up either as "localhost" or 
> "round-robin-1" or similar, whereas everyone else would see 
> them as e.g. foo.company.com, since their computer will 
> access from public DNS. You shouldn't need to do anything on Seaside.
> --Benjamin

By default, when not explicitly set, the domain includes the host name, this
prevents the cookie from being accessed by other servers in the same domain.
You're correct that from the outside view, if they're all hitting
foo.company.com then this shouldn't be an issue.  

I'm just pointing out that Seaside is deficient in this area, not that it
applies to his problem.  Seaside can't currently allow a cookie to be shared
between web.foo.com and app.foo.com, even though they are both on the same
domain, because the implementation of WACookie is incomplete and doesn't
allow you to explicitly set the domain of a cookie, as most other web
frameworks would allow you to do.

Ramon Leon

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