[Seaside] Adding domain to a cookie

Ramon Leon ramon.leon at allresnet.com
Wed Dec 6 20:07:26 UTC 2006

> Well, cookies (if they worked properly) would be great for 
> session tracking, because without them one could copy the URL 
> and paste it on another machine to keep on working, which is 
> a bit of a security risk, for instance I can use my cell 
> phone camera to take a pic of someone's desktop, and type the 
> same URL in my browser. I use session protector for our app, 
> but it's a tad useless in today's world full of networks 
> NAT'ed behind a single IP.
> No?
> -Boris

Unless I'm wrong, Seaside will already use cookies for session tracking,
it's just not the default.  Seaside certainly does cookies, just doesn't
fully support the entire spec, i.e. no explicit domains.

Ramon Leon

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