[Seaside] Smalltalk Web Host Opens

stephane ducasse stephane.ducasse at free.fr
Thu Dec 14 08:00:53 UTC 2006

Hi chris

now it is time for a meta remark.
While we are really happy to see this kind of business happening in  
our community,
I think that (for a lot of reasons) your marketing approach does not  
really work well.
So good luck, but pay attention a blog is not a documentation and pay  
attention because
seasidehosting is run by some seaside gurus. So better get friends  
with them ...


On 11 déc. 06, at 18:17, Chris Cunnington wrote:

> Smalltalk Web Host Opens
> The World's First Commercial Smalltalk Web Host:
>     - 60,000 word learners blog with screenshots and Hello World
>     - choose your own domain name unlike http://www.seasidehosting.st
>     - better server uptime than http://www.squeak.org
>     - email support 9-5 M-F Eastern Standard Time
>     - host a regular site (Perl/PHP) and incorporate as much  
> Smalltalk as
> you like
>     - $29.99 CAD per month
> http://www.seasideparasol.com
> "Possibly, it wasn't simply arrogance, though the PARC researchers  
> did see
> themselves as the Davids who were busy slaying the Goliath of  
> corporate
> time-sharing computing. It was, rather, something deeper, something  
> that was
> probably just a function of human nature. It was a pattern that had  
> already
> been repeated a number of times in computing history and would  
> ultimately be
> repeated many more times. Even with a strong intellectual grasp of the
> consequences of Moore's Law, it has proven almost impossible for  
> the members
> of any given generation of computing technology to accept the fact  
> that it
> will be cannibalized by an upcoming generation. Many of the PARC  
> researchers
> were aware of the computing hobbyist movement, but because the tiny  
> little
> machines could hardly do anything they were easy to ignore or  
> dismiss as
> toys. Later, Alan Kay took pleasure in poking fun at the  
> Homebrewers by
> saying that the hobbyists actually enjoyed their machines more when  
> they
> were broken, because then they could actually do something with them."
> John Markoff   "What The Dormouse Said", (2005), page 251
> Chris Cunnington
> Toronto
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