[Seaside] "html sortable" + "html updater"

John Rubier insurgenthsd at earthlink.net
Thu Dec 14 19:01:18 UTC 2006

Jeremy Shute wrote:
> onSuccess needs to be onComplete, then everything works.  :-)
> I may get the hang of this Scriptaculous stuff, yet.
> Thanks for the help,
> Jeremy
Thanks to both of you! I had been trying to get this working a few week 
ago but had given up and resorted to the "Add reloads entire page" 
method to add a line item to a sortable list.

btw, fyi, there is no need to call destroy (or destory) if the element 
was already a sortable. Create implicitly calls destroy if that is the 
case (according to the docs and it seems to works that way in practice).

Thanks again!


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