[Seaside] More on stability problems

Vincent Girard-Reydet vincent.girard-reydet at f4-group.com
Fri Dec 22 08:37:30 UTC 2006


I'de like to push the discussion on Squeak image's stability & Seaside 
to the front again.
We have a squeak image that is running in production:

server: Linux Debian sarge
Squeak VM: 3.9-8 (get from squeaksource.com)
Image: Squeak 3.9 #7067
Seaside: Seaside2.6b1-mb.124 (seaside running on por 8080)

the VM is started as follows:
squeak -nodisplay -mmap 550m myimage.image &

I tried a simple test: launching siege to 

After up to 21 successful hits, the Komanche server seams to fall. No 
more response to HTTP queries. I had a REPLServer running on port 23 and 
opened in Telnet, it is frozen too. No way to another connection to it 
either. I had also a RFB server opened, I saw no error window raise. 
There is also no SqueakDebug.log.
The only way to restore the connection is to restart the image.

I performed the same test with other seaside-powered sites 
(www.seasidehosting.st, www.squeaksource.com), and they respond perfectly.

Cold anyone provide me a valid configuration known to be stable with 
Seaside & Squeak ? I'm even ready to use a Windows server if it can 
provide me with the desired stablility.

Thanks for your help !


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