[Seaside] More on stability problems

Adrian Lienhard adi at netstyle.ch
Fri Dec 22 09:51:12 UTC 2006

Hi Vincent,

Its hard to tell what the problem is without more information.

I suggest you try to gather more data points. For example:
- don't start headless, see whether UI still responds, try to open a  
debugger on the running process (alt-.)
- if above does not work, attach to the process with gdb and print  
the call stacks and a backtrace
- what is the CPU and memory usage of the Squeak process?

You could also prepare an image which people can download.

We have some other working configurations than the ones Lukas  
mentioned. I've recently investigated the other VM problem which you  
(and we) work around with the -mmap parameter. Apparently the problem  
occurs only on a 2.6 Linux kernel but not on 2.4 (will post more  
details later). Anyway, the problem you are experiencing, seems to be  
something different.


On Dec 22, 2006, at 09:37 , Vincent Girard-Reydet wrote:

> Hi,
> I'de like to push the discussion on Squeak image's stability &  
> Seaside to the front again.
> We have a squeak image that is running in production:
> server: Linux Debian sarge
> Squeak VM: 3.9-8 (get from squeaksource.com)
> Image: Squeak 3.9 #7067
> Seaside: Seaside2.6b1-mb.124 (seaside running on por 8080)
> the VM is started as follows:
> squeak -nodisplay -mmap 550m myimage.image &
> I tried a simple test: launching siege to http:// 
> myhost.mydomain.com:8080/seaside/.
> After up to 21 successful hits, the Komanche server seams to fall.  
> No more response to HTTP queries. I had a REPLServer running on  
> port 23 and opened in Telnet, it is frozen too. No way to another  
> connection to it either. I had also a RFB server opened, I saw no  
> error window raise. There is also no SqueakDebug.log.
> The only way to restore the connection is to restart the image.
> I performed the same test with other seaside-powered sites  
> (www.seasidehosting.st, www.squeaksource.com), and they respond  
> perfectly.
> Cold anyone provide me a valid configuration known to be stable  
> with Seaside & Squeak ? I'm even ready to use a Windows server if  
> it can provide me with the desired stablility.
> Thanks for your help !
> Vincent
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