[Seaside] More on stability problems

Vincent Girard-Reydet vincent.girard-reydet at f4-group.com
Fri Dec 22 10:43:55 UTC 2006


Unfortunaltely I can't do UI because I have no local console to my server.
What I can tell at the moment the problme appears:
   - CPU usage: peak at 99.9% when teh bug appears, then between 88.2 
and 89.6 %
   - virt. memory usage: 502M (no change with when no problem)
   - backtrace:
#0  0x0806fdf7 in updatePointersInRangeFromto (memStart=1148,
     at /var/squeak/Squeak-3.9-8/platforms/unix/src/vm/interp.c:22582
#1  0x0805e8b0 in incCompBody ()
     at /var/squeak/Squeak-3.9-8/platforms/unix/src/vm/interp.c:5047
#2  0x0805ecc6 in incrementalGC ()
     at /var/squeak/Squeak-3.9-8/platforms/unix/src/vm/interp.c:5362
#3  0x0806f924 in sufficientSpaceAfterGC (minFree=200096)
     at /var/squeak/Squeak-3.9-8/platforms/unix/src/vm/interp.c:22256
#4  0x0805be0f in allocateheaderSizeh1h2h3doFillwith (byteSize=92, 
     baseHeader=350282588, classOop=-1729481856, extendedSize=-1729481856,
     doFill=0, fillWord=0)
     at /var/squeak/Squeak-3.9-8/platforms/unix/src/vm/interp.c:2443
#5  0x0805f583 in instantiateContextsizeInBytes (classPointer=-1724896820,
     at /var/squeak/Squeak-3.9-8/platforms/unix/src/vm/interp.c:5850
#6  0x0805bc82 in allocateOrRecycleContext (needsLarge=1148)
     at /var/squeak/Squeak-3.9-8/platforms/unix/src/vm/interp.c:2401
#7  0x08061058 in interpret ()
     at /var/squeak/Squeak-3.9-8/platforms/unix/src/vm/interp.c:7783
#8  0x0805b3c8 in main (argc=5, argv=0xbfa3a524, envp=0x98ea3380)
     at /var/squeak/Squeak-3.9-8/platforms/unix/vm/sqUnixMain.c:1388

I start my seaside as follows:

| ma seaside |
seaside := WAKomEncoded39 default.
ma := ModuleAssembly core.
ma alias: '/seaside' to: [ma addPlug: [:request | seaside process: 
documentRoot := '/var/squeak/DocumentRoot/'
ma documentRoot: FileDirectory default directoryNamed: 'DocumentRoot') 
ma serveFiles.
(HttpService startOn: aPort named: 'httpd') plug: ma rootModule


Adrian Lienhard wrote:
> Hi Vincent,
> Its hard to tell what the problem is without more information.
> I suggest you try to gather more data points. For example:
> - don't start headless, see whether UI still responds, try to open a 
> debugger on the running process (alt-.)
> - if above does not work, attach to the process with gdb and print the 
> call stacks and a backtrace
> - what is the CPU and memory usage of the Squeak process?
> You could also prepare an image which people can download.
> We have some other working configurations than the ones Lukas mentioned. 
> I've recently investigated the other VM problem which you (and we) work 
> around with the -mmap parameter. Apparently the problem occurs only on a 
> 2.6 Linux kernel but not on 2.4 (will post more details later). Anyway, 
> the problem you are experiencing, seems to be something different.
> Adrian
> On Dec 22, 2006, at 09:37 , Vincent Girard-Reydet wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'de like to push the discussion on Squeak image's stability & Seaside 
>> to the front again.
>> We have a squeak image that is running in production:
>> server: Linux Debian sarge
>> Squeak VM: 3.9-8 (get from squeaksource.com)
>> Image: Squeak 3.9 #7067
>> Seaside: Seaside2.6b1-mb.124 (seaside running on por 8080)
>> the VM is started as follows:
>> squeak -nodisplay -mmap 550m myimage.image &
>> I tried a simple test: launching siege to 
>> http://myhost.mydomain.com:8080/seaside/.
>> After up to 21 successful hits, the Komanche server seams to fall. No 
>> more response to HTTP queries. I had a REPLServer running on port 23 
>> and opened in Telnet, it is frozen too. No way to another connection 
>> to it either. I had also a RFB server opened, I saw no error window 
>> raise. There is also no SqueakDebug.log.
>> The only way to restore the connection is to restart the image.
>> I performed the same test with other seaside-powered sites 
>> (www.seasidehosting.st, www.squeaksource.com), and they respond 
>> perfectly.
>> Cold anyone provide me a valid configuration known to be stable with 
>> Seaside & Squeak ? I'm even ready to use a Windows server if it can 
>> provide me with the desired stablility.
>> Thanks for your help !
>> Vincent
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