[Seaside] WACompound Merge Error

Ron Teitelbaum Ron at USMedRec.com
Fri Dec 29 00:38:47 UTC 2006

Hi Lukas,

Seaside2.7a1-lr.125.mcz has it.
Seaside2.7a1-lr.126.mcz does not.
Seaside2.7a1-mb.126.mcz has it.

Name: Seaside2.7a1-pmm.127 does not.
Author: pmm
Time: 18 November 2006, 10:25:13 am
UUID: 5b7720bc-aa9a-4085-a92b-bfa38e1862a0
Ancestors: Seaside2.7a1-lr.126, Seaside2.7a1-mb.126

- merge with Michel

The code is dependent on SeasideAsync, but the error is not in that code the
problem is the change in the superclass WACompound which is in the base
package when I put the ivar and the initialization back it all works again.


Ron Teitelbaum

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> Subject: Re: [Seaside] WACompound Merge Error
> > The version 126 has an apparent merge error.
> Which version 126?
> Seaside2.7a1-lr.126? Seaside2.7a1-mb.126? Seaside2.6a2-mb.126?
> Seaside2.6b1-mb.126?
> > These are both needed for WALiveDateInput.
> I don't have this class in my image. Could it be that your code
> depends on the package SeasideAsync (that was part of Seaside a long
> time ago)?
> Cheers,
> Lukas
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