[Seaside] Getting my project started from the ground up.. (using Seaside, Glorp, Mewa?)

Rick Flower rickf at ca-flower.com
Wed Feb 8 06:02:45 UTC 2006

Hi all again.. I've gotten my feet wet a bit more with both SmallTalk 
and a bit more with Seaside and would like to get started on a project 
I've currently got written in PHP with MySQL (as some of you may 
recall).  I've since installed PostgreSQL on my server so I'm set in 
that regard and have VisualWorks running with Glorp.. I've started 
modelling some of my tables but didn't want to get too far before I 
started getting something going more on the Seaside end of things.  I'd 
ideally like to start with a basic login mechanism and after searching 
the archives (see lots of references to issues with the basic http auth 
stuff), I'll probably stick with what I know best -- a form based login 
scheme tied to a database table of active users where the users have a 
stored MD5 hash for a password.  Now, I think the thing that has me 
stumped is just how to get started on this adventure.  So far with my 
Glorp stuff, I've got my "Users" table defined and am good there, but am 
just not sure what sort of layout I need on the Seaside end of things.

Today I was reading up on Mewa which sounds really good as it sounds 
like a nice extension to Seaside which would greatly reduce some of the 
initial crud to be done for a traditional data driven site.  In my case, 
my site needs to login a user after which they have a menu of things to 
do such as update contact info, generate some html reports (from 
database data), perhaps do online ordering (saving that one for last), 
etc.  The problem I'm mostly having is that with my old PHP code base, I 
had an MVC based system where all of the logic was separated out by 
functionality (for the most part) -- some areas dealt with logins, 
others reports, others contact updates, etc.  With this new Seaside 
setup+Glorp+Mewa, I'm not sure exactly how to factor things out.  Do I 
want a different class for each task to be done (update contact info, 
order, reports, etc) or something else.  I'll have to admit that even 
with the MVC approach I was using with my existing PHP site, I wasn't 
really thinking in any OO sort of manner -- I still had a functional 
sort of hat on my head.  This might be part of my problem.  Anyway, I 
hope that some of this makes sense and someone can kind of steer me in 
the right direction here.  I know that once I get going, I'll be fine, 
but that first step is the big one and is harder if you've got minimal 
Smalltalk experience under your (or my) belt.  Many TIA!  Also-- if you 
want to reply directly I'm fine with sparing the bandwidth of others if 
this isn't completely on-topic here.

-- Rick
(sorry for the long post)

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