[Seaside] static image files

Michel Bany m.bany at wanadoo.fr
Wed Feb 8 09:04:32 CET 2006

In the projects I am participating in, I always recommend having static 
stored as Smalltalk source code in methods that return a byte array

        imageWithDocument: (ImageLibrary perform: imageName asSymbol)
        mimeType: 'image/jpeg'
        fileName: imageName, '.jpg'.

This produces a large Smalltalk image, but makes versioning and 
a lot easier, since the application and the images are guaranteed to be 
in synch.

On how to store static images into Smalltalk methods in VW, load parcel 
"SeasideWebDesignerTool" and located in the BonusPack folder.
See a demo at http://mbany.ath.cx/seaside/go/WebDesignerTool


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