[Seaside] Getting my project started from the ground up.. (using Seaside, Glorp, Mewa?)

Cédrick Béler cbeler at enit.fr
Wed Feb 8 17:45:18 UTC 2006


> Hi all again.. I've gotten my feet wet a bit more with both SmallTalk 
> and a bit more with Seaside and would like to get started on a project 
> I've currently got written in PHP with MySQL (as some of you may 
> recall).  I've since installed PostgreSQL...I've started modelling 
> some of my tables ...

Are you obliged to use SQL Tables (existing tables ? )?
because I find that to learn, it's better not to take care of the 
persistance... especially in relationnal database...
1 - easiest way: you directly store your objects in the smalltalk image
2 - natural way: you use an object database
3 - twisted way: you map your objects in a relational DB  :) ...

I'm not actually a specialist  and I don't have a good understanding on 
all "notions" but I don't really see why everybody keep on using RDB 
(performance ?, well-known products ?, legacy system...). I've once read 
that performance were better in OODB but the transactional 
fonctionalities were limited (limited number of concurent access)... If 
someone can help me to understand that (this may deserve a post?)...

> Today I was reading up on Mewa which sounds really good as it sounds 
> like a nice extension to Seaside

Magritte has the same intend and is probably more interesting in your 
case. To be quick, it consists in associating meta-descriptions to any 
objects (seaside component association to edit and view it, persistance 
mechanism and any other properties you want to associate...)  Moreover 
someone (Damien) extended them to directly access a MySQL DB...
The problem is that I think it's only developped for squeak for now (?)...

> In my case, my site needs to login a user after which they have a menu 
> of things to do such as update contact info, generate some html 
> reports (from database data), perhaps do online ordering (saving that 
> one for last), etc.  The problem I'm mostly having is that with my old 
> PHP code base, I had an MVC based system where all of the logic was 
> separated out by functionality (for the most part) -- some areas dealt 
> with logins, others reports, others contact updates, etc.  With this 
> new Seaside setup+Glorp+Mewa, I'm not sure exactly how to factor 
> things out.  Do I want a different class for each task to be done 
> (update contact info, order, reports, etc) or something else. 
I think the better will be to do a seaside tutorial to get used to 
seaside and programming in smalltalk... 
http://www.lukas-renggli.ch/seaside/tutorial/  I found this one good 
because it helps thinking OO and, of course, using seaside (the last 
exercise is a small application to manage a theater)...


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