[Seaside] Getting my project started from the ground up.. (usingSeaside, Glorp, Mewa?)

Ramon Leon rleon at insario.com
Wed Feb 8 17:54:07 UTC 2006

> > Hi all again.. I've gotten my feet wet a bit more with both 
> SmallTalk 
> > and a bit more with Seaside and would like to get started 
> on a project 
> > I've currently got written in PHP with MySQL (as some of you may 
> > recall).  I've since installed PostgreSQL...I've started modelling 
> > some of my tables ...
> Are you obliged to use SQL Tables (existing tables ? )?
> because I find that to learn, it's better not to take care of 
> the persistance... especially in relationnal database...
> 1 - easiest way: you directly store your objects in the 
> smalltalk image
> 2 - natural way: you use an object database
> 3 - twisted way: you map your objects in a relational DB  :) ...

Have to agree, your best bet, being new to Smalltalk, is to avoid the
whole database issue, and just use plain old objects in the image, spend
your time learning Smalltalk and Seaside, avoid Mewa and Magritte until
you grok Smalltalk and Seaside, otherwise you'll only be confused and
unable to extend them to do what you need.  Once you can whip stuff up
with just objects and Seaside and you tire of writing forms by hand,
then give Magritte a try.  Getting involved in transactional persistence
before you can even hack up simple apps in Seaside is just a complete
waste of time and will only lead to frustration.

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