[Seaside] Re: Content Management System in Seaside

Yanni Chiu yanni at rogers.com
Thu Feb 9 22:14:08 UTC 2006

Chad Nantais wrote:
> My question is: what's the best option for storing the pages in the
> content management system (files, RDBMS, object db, etc)?
> Here are some of the requirements/constraints:

Who will be updating the content? Users? Writer/editor? Developer?
How many people will do the updating? How frequently?

> -pages consist of meta data, title, html-tagged content

Full HTML content, or just a subset (i.e. bold, paragragh, etc.)?
If you allow full HTML, then wouldn't it be hard to maintain
a consistent site wide look (i.e. it makes it hard for the
CMS to manage the content.)

> -no more than 250 pages will be stored

250 * 20K/page (estimate) gives 5Mb. So you could easily
save all the pages in an image.

> -pages must be searchable (search does not need to be lightning-fast)
> -pages will be organized into a hierarchical structure of categories
> and subcategories (no more than 3 levels deep).
> -will be hosted on a VPS, so I can install whatever is necessary.
> -traffic amounts to a few hundred page views per day.

Assuming that users don't update the site, and a developer can
occasionally update the content supplied by writers (and the
web designer supplied the CSS), then a simple solution would
be to use a saved image. The search would take a bit of
work, but IIRC there was some work done a few years back
on searching mail in Scamper.

Yanni Chiu

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