[Seaside] Content Management System in Seaside

Philippe Marschall philippe.marschall at gmail.com
Sat Feb 11 10:45:06 UTC 2006

> I don't know about the behaviour of search engines together with Pier,
> but there are certainly solutions. I think the plugin called Sitemap
> of Philippe Marshall does submit all a sitemap to google using a
> special XML protocol. I've never tried it but it might be worth
> checking out.

What is does is it creates a google sitemap. This is an xml file that
lists all the pages in pier with their last change date and url. This
sitemap can then be submitted to google.
This works thanks to Piers bookmarkable urls (static entry points).
The very latest version supports yahoo sitemaps too.

But google indices squeaksource.com and smallwiki 1 quite good too
although they don't have any of these helpers. So I don't know if it's
really needed.

> - Philippe Marshal build an ACL based security, that is around for
> quite a while now and that provides a lot of nice features. It
> provides sophisticated tools to manage users, roles, command sets and
> access control lists. I don't know if it works with the latest version
> of Pier

The very latest version should work fine with the very latest version
of Pier. It just hasn't seen much testing.


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